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100% Beeswax Altar Candles

12 - P Style 5-Day Candles

14-Day Sanctuary Candles

14-Day Sanctuary Lamp

15 - P Style 6-Day Candles

1-7/8'' x 12" Candle Shells & Accessories

2-5/8'' x 12" Candle Shells & Accessories

2'' x 12" Candle Shells & Accessories

3-1/2" x 12" and 4-1/2" x 12" Candle Shells & Accessories

4 Hour Quality Votive Lights

51% Beeswax Advent Set

5 & 6 Day Glass Devotional Light Candles

5 Hour Tea Lights

7 Day Burning Glass Advent Candles

7-Day Sanctuary Candles

8-Day Sanctuary Candles

9 - P Style 3-Day candles

Advent Candela Set

Advent Candles

Advent Candle Set

Advent Candle Set, 51% Beeswax

Advent Church Candle Set

Advent Pillar

Advent Pillar Set

Advent Wreath & Candle Set

Advent Wreath Pillar Candle Set

Advent Wreath Refills

Advent Wreaths with Candles

All Occasion Tapers

All Souls Candles

Altar Brand Large Diameter 51% Beeswax Candle

Altar Brand Small Diameter 51% Beeswax Candle

Altar Elite Lite

And The Two Shall Become One Wedding Pillar Candle

Baptismal Candles

Baptismal Candles

Baptism Candle, 51% Beeswax

Baptism Candle, Dove With Shell

Baptism Candle, Three In One

Beeswax Altar Candles, Traditional Sizes, Plain End

Beeswax Altar Candles, Traditional Sizes, Self-Fitting End

Brite-Lite Voticandle

Byzantium Natural Colored 51% Beeswax Candles

Candlemas Candles

Candlemas Candles For Home Use

Celtic Imperial Paschal Candle

Celtic Imperial Paschal Side Candles

Ceremonial Pillar Candles

Chi-Rho Candle

Chi Rho Christ Candle

Christ Candelas

Christ Candle

Christ Candle

Christian Growth Candle

Church Candle Sets

Come Holy Spirit Confirmation Candle

Communion Candle

Confirmation Candle

Confirmation Candle

Coronation Christ Candle

Credo Candles for Sanctuary Lamps

Crimson Glory Paschal Candle

Crimson Glory Paschal Side Candles

Devotional Glass Lights

Devotional Plastic Lights

Disposable Liquid Candle Refills

Disposable Votive Lights

Divine Light Paschal Candles - Adoration

Divine Light Paschal Candles- Behold the Lamb

Divine Light Paschal Candles - Emerald Cross

Divine Light Paschal Candles - Exalted

Divine Light Paschal Candles - Holy Cross

Divine Light Paschal Candles - Hosanna

Divine Light Paschal Candles - Majesty

Divine Light Paschal Candles - Ornamented

Divine Light Paschal Candles - Redemption

Dome Style Globe for 14-Day Sanctuary Candles

Economy Candle Shell

Elegant Gold Wedding Set

Emitte Candelas

Emitte Easy Candela Adapters

Emitte Elite Light Advent Candles

Emitte Liquid Candles

Emmanuel Advent Pillars

Everlasting Light Advent Wreath

Faith, Hope and Love Wedding Unity Candle Set

First Communion, Chalice and Grapes

First Communion, I am the Bread of Life

Glass Holders For 3, 5, 6, and 7 Day Inserts

Glass Holders For 3 Day Inserts

Glass & Insert Combination - Insert

Glass & Insert Combination - Insert Glass

Gloria Paschal Candle - Burgundy

Gloria Paschal Candle - Dark Blue

Gloria Paschal Candle - Green

Gloria Paschal Candles - White

Gloria Paschal Side Candles

Gloria Sculpted Light Paschal Candles

"Holy Baptism" Baptismal Candle

Home Advent Ring & Candles

Hosanna Christ Candle

I Am The Vine Paschal Candle

I Am The Vine Paschal Side Candles

"I Baptize Thee" Baptismal Candle

Inner Lights

Jewel Paschal Candles

Jewel Paschal Side Candles

Journey Paschal Candles

Journey Paschal Side Candles

Large Diameter 100% Beeswax Candles

Large Diameter 51% Beeswax Candles

Light Of The World Christ Candle

Lights of the Season 10" Advent Ring Set

Liquid Light Fuel Drop-in Canister

Lumen Christi Sculpted Light Paschal Candles

Lumen Deo Moulded Pillar Candle

Lux Candela Sanctuary Lights

Lux Deo Sanctuary Lights

Lux Domini Sanctuary Lights

Lux Sanctus Sanctuary Lights

Metal Advent Ring

My First Communion

"My First Communion" Body of Christ Candle

"My First Communion" Gold Chalice Candle

My First Holy Communion

Nativity Candle

Nylon 1-7/8" x 8" Candle Shell With Flexa-Glow Top

Nylon 2-5/8" x 8" Candle Shell With Flexa-Glow Top

Nylon 2" x 8" Candle Shell With Flexa-Glow Top

Nylon 3-1/2" x 8" Candle Shell With Flexa-Glow Top

"One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism" Baptismal Candle

Ornamented Paschal Candle

Ornamented Paschal Side Candles

Orthodox Votive Candles

Patriotic Remembrance Lite

Patron Saint Candles

Plain Paschal Candle

Polar Brand Stearine Candles

Purissima 100% Pure Beeswax Candles

Quality Votive Lights

Quality Votive Lights

Radiant Light Paschal Candle - Alleluia

Radiant Light Paschal Candle - Alpha Omega

Radiant Light Paschal Candle - Benedictine

Radiant Light Paschal Candle - Blank

Radiant Light Paschal Candle - Coronation

Radiant Light Paschal Candle - Jerusalem

Radiant Light Paschal Candle - Radiant Light Mosaic

Radiant Light Paschal Candle - Risen Christ

RCIA Candle

RCIA Stearic Candle

RCIA Stearic Candle

RCIA Straight Side Candle

RCIA Taper Candle

Refill Candles For Sanctuary Lamps/Remembrance Lites

Remembrance Lites

Resurrection Paschal Candle

Risen Christ Candle

Safety Glo Candle

Sanctuary Candles

Sea of Galilee Paschal Candle

Sea of Galilee Paschal Side Candles

Serenity Eternal Paschal Candle

Serenity Paschal Side Candles

Silver Tone Wedding/Anniversary Sets Holder

Silver Wedding Unity Candleholder

Small Diameter 100% Beeswax Candles

Small Diameter 51% Beeswax Candles

Spanish Sacramental Candles, Baptism - Bautizado en Cristo

Spanish Sacramental Candles, Baptism - Gifts of God

Spanish Sacramental Candles, First Communion - Chalice and Grapes

Star of Bethlehem Set

Stearic Molded Candles, Plain End

Stearic Molded Candles, Self-Fitting End

Stearic Molded Tube Candles

Table Altar, 51% Beeswax

Table Altar, 51% Beeswax

The Holy Spirit Confirmation Candle

Traditional White Pillar Candle

Two Shall Become One Wedding Unity Candle Set

Votive Light 15 Hour Glass

Wedding Unity Candleholder Curved Silhouette

"Welcome My Child" Baptismal Candle

White Conical Candle

Window of Hope Paschal Candles

Window of Hope Paschal Side Candles

Wings of Love Wedding Set